Super Tetsubo (Knobbed Club)

Super Tetsubo (Knobbed Club)

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From wikipedia: "It has been said that one purpose of the kanabō type of weapons was to smash enemies' armor, bones and the legs of their warhorses.[11] The art of using this cumbersome weapon,kanabō-jutsu or tetsubo-jutsu,[12][13] consisted of a mastery of both balance and strength; it required great skill to recover from a miss with the heavy club, which could leave a wielder open to a counter-attack."

This is a longer, larger version of the tetsubo, with a super-durable stabbing-tip added.

This premium two-handed war machine comes with a 1-year, no-questions-asked warranty so that you can buy with confidence that you'll be laying waste to vast swaths of your enemies for years to come.

Dimensions of Tetsubo: 69" long, 6"x6" wide.  

Note: Primary Cover is the color of the striking surfaces, the Secondary Cover color specifies the color of the strips of fabric in between the flanges.

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