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Dwarven Longsword
While famed for their skill with axes and hammers, dwarves are no less dangerous with their swords. ..
Peace has passed like fall. Summer of war approaches. Arm thyself with spring. -Kurai The samu..
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The samurai are world-reknowned as some of the most complete warriors the world has ever produced. &..
Macuahuitl - Aztec Obsidian-Edged Sword
Legend has it that these obsidian-edged swords were capable of decapitating horses of conquistadors...
The fashionistas love to parade about with their trendy min-reds.  However, the experienced red..
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Every once in a great while, fate produces a warrior of stature that he dwarfs his fellow man.  ..
PowerBeam+ MinRed
This is the ultimate min-red.  Made of a durable, solid fiberglass "PowerBeam+" core, and ..
Based on 6 reviews.
For those who prefer a more... intimate style of combat.  This weapon allows you to close in ve..
Two-Handed Sword
This is a large, intimidating two-handed sword.  You have the option to choose between two..
Based on 2 reviews.
The broadsword is the weapon of choice for many grizzled veterans.  It is not as fast as a shor..
Based on 4 reviews.
This is a magic wand.  It doesn't shoot magic missiles or produce light on command.   ..
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The longsword is the ultimate weapon for those who prefer to keep their distance and attack their fo..
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As Miyamoto Musashi could attest, a skilled samurai must make use of those weapons which are av..
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This single-edged weapon combines the power of an axe with the versatility of a sword.  What mo..
Based on 3 reviews.
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