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Dwarven Longsword
While famed for their skill with axes and hammers, dwarves are no less dangerous with their swords. ..
Rope Flail, constructed on schedule 80 PVC.   Available in lengths from 28" to 42" ..
Double-sided glaive with stabbing tip.  Add 1 shieldman for missile defense, and become the mos..
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Hasta (Short-Spear)
The hasta, or short spear, derives its name from the Romans, who made extensive use of these weapons..
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There are few things more terrifying than large, mean-looking red weapons.  And this is the gra..
Like its big brother, the tetsubo, this is a one-handed weapon designed for those who prefer po..
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Peace has passed like fall. Summer of war approaches. Arm thyself with spring. -Kurai The samu..
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The samurai are world-reknowned as some of the most complete warriors the world has ever produced. &..
Macuahuitl - Aztec Obsidian-Edged Sword
Legend has it that these obsidian-edged swords were capable of decapitating horses of conquistadors...
The fashionistas love to parade about with their trendy min-reds.  However, the experienced red..
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Sometimes smaller is better.  This is a much smaller version of the tetsubo.  But not only..
Based on 2 reviews.
The quad hammer is a fine weapon, but sometimes you want more hammer.  Double your fun with the..
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Every once in a great while, fate produces a warrior of stature that he dwarfs his fellow man.  ..
PowerBeam+ MinRed
This is the ultimate min-red.  Made of a durable, solid fiberglass "PowerBeam+" core, and ..
Based on 6 reviews.
Quad Hammer
Note: Primary Cover is the color of the striking surfaces, the Secondary Cover color specifies the c..
Based on 2 reviews.
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